Best Smartwatches On The Market Right Now

One of the most popular forms of technology on the consumer market right now is the idea of purchasing and owning a smartwatch as they are the perfect accompany to your smartwatch and will offer a host of benefits for owners. A good smartwatch must be able to offer a host of different abilities including monitor your everyday health, tracking location and have compatibility with your favourite apps, so we thought we’d create a list of the best smartwatches on the market right now.

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[Image: PhoneArena]

Of course, if you are an iPhone user then there is only one watch of the market for you and that is the Apple Watch Series 6 which is the latest watch that Apple have on the market right now. The top tier watch will come with a cost, as it is one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market at around £380. It is the best device on the market by a mile, due to its seamless connectivity with the iPhone, new fitness features including a blood oxygen monitor and upgraded chip to improve speeds. The only drawback with the Apple Watch is that it is still showcasing the same design that it did when it was first released back in 2013 and this might be something that Apple are looking to change in time. Keep reading no deposit online casino.

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If you aren’t an iPhone user but are still wanting to get involved in the smartwatch market at the premium end of it, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 which is certainly the best smartwatch on the market for Android users but it actually has connectivity with the iPhone too. The best thing that we find about the Galaxy Watch 3 is the premium design that it offers that not only looks like a premium watch, but the bezel that it offers is rotating and it a great way to navigate throughout the watch and something that is very unique within the industry. Features are still slightly limited when put into compared with the Apple Watch but is certainly the watch to go for if you don’t have an iPhone.