Alternative Uses For CCTV Cameras

CCTV has become a regular feature in our lives. Whether installed outside our homes to deter burglars or in shops to deter shoplifters, we are normally so used to being under surveillance that we don’t even notice the cameras are there. So, what is CCTV useful for other than keeping an eye on our property and vehicles when we’re out or asleep? Here we look at some alternative uses for CCTV that you might not have thought of:

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Home Security

We are used to seeing cameras located outside homes but we are increasingly relying on interior home security cameras too. The reason for this is so that wherever we are, we can log in and see what’s happening inside and out. This is especially useful for pet owners when they are out so they can be reassured that the welfare of their pet is maintained when they are absent. Sometimes, we may just want to know what our pets get up to when we’re not there. Are they naughty, fearful or do they pine for you? Knowing these things can help pet owners make adjustments for the benefit of their animals. It is also useful for immediate alerts of intruders so the police can be called.

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Keeping an eye on loved ones

This might sound a bit like spying but CCTV does have benefits for looking after elderly relatives. As we become an ageing population, more families will want to be able to keep in touch and monitor the wellbeing of vulnerable or frail relatives. This is also a good way of keeping track of carers who may call and assessing the quality of care your loved one is receiving.

Drain Investigations

In the past, if a homeowner had a blocked or damaged pipe, the whole area would have to be dug up to see what the issue was. Nowadays, small cameras can be inserted along pipelines to assess what is happening without any of the disruption caused by digging for access. This is a quicker, more efficient method of diagnosing pipe problems and can reveal whether drain relining or replacement is required. Find out more about CCTV Drainage Surveys at a site like Wilkinson Environmental CCTV Drainage Surveys

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For Business

CCTV can be very useful for businesses and not just in terms of security. CCTV can be used to collect important data for your business, such as people counting and heat maps. People counting can help businesses to ensure that they have the right number of staff per amount of customers. Heat maps will also show where customers are spending the most amount of time browsing. Other ways CCTV can assist business operations is in the murky world of false injury insurance claims and cash discrepancies.

As you can see, there are many ways that CCTV can be used to our benefit and these cameras are not just for catching criminals or speeding motorists!