5 Benefits of Traveling Abroad in College

Many students are eager to explore the world and have adventures once they are on their own for the first time.  Traveling abroad is a great way to have new experiences, meet new people, and learn more about the world we live in.  There are also several benefits to be gained by visiting other countries.  Here are a few reasons why every college student should consider traveling abroad.

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Nothing to Tie You DownBenefits of Traveling Abroad in College

Once you graduate from college, you’ll start your career and begin to consider commitments like a family and a home.  In other words, it will become much more difficult to travel.  What do you have tied you down right now?

Most college students have part-time jobs if they work at all, so it’s not like you’re setting your career back by taking some time off to travel.  Certainly, you have school to think about, but you could always try a study abroad program in order to avoid interrupting your studies.  Plus, most young people are eager to connect with other travelers, making affordable youth hostels an excellent option (helping to curb the cost of overseas travel).  Now is the best time in your life to catch the travel bug.

Improve Foreign Language SkillsBenefits of Traveling Abroad in College

There’s no better way to nail down a new language than through full immersion, and the best way to accomplish that is to go to the source.  Whether you’re learning a language as part of your career plan, because you want to understand your cultural heritage, or simply for your own gratification, traveling abroad can give you the opportunity to dramatically improve your vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and understanding of a new language.

Expand Your HorizonsBenefits of Traveling Abroad in College

Traveling to another country allows you to learn about a culture that may be entirely foreign to you.  Whether you agree or disagree with certain cultural beliefs and practices, meeting people, participating in a different lifestyle, and getting to know individuals one on one can help to engender understanding and tolerance that will color the way you view the world now and in the future.

Make Lifelong FriendsBenefits of Traveling Abroad in College

Perhaps you will decide to share your adventure with other travelers, either from your own country or those whom you meet along the way.  Or maybe you’ll make friends with residents of the countries you travel to.  Either way, the experiences you share when you travel abroad will forge bonds that ensure you make lifelong friends during your trip.

Earn College Credit While You See the World

Whether you attend New England College or a UC school, there’s a good chance the college or university you attend allows for or even supports a study abroad program.  In some cases, your college will have partnerships in place with sister schools in foreign countries.  This could mean that you end up paying the same tuition and continue to earn credit toward your degree even while you’re overseas for a semester.  Your school may even arrange for a living situation such as dorms or a spot with a host family.  Study abroad is a great option for students looking to see the world, save some dough, and continue working toward educational goals all at the same time.