Сool Ideas For Summer Decor At Home And Apartment

It is simple to bring summer into the home: fresh flowers, “correct” fabric, and no traces of winter. Let’s  find out how to use decor to alter your home for the summer.

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This is not about a total transformation with costly repairs, but about decorating – something that anybody can accomplish and doesn’t require huge expenses. And the outcome may exceed all expectations!

Make a flower subscription

Flowers are an integral part of summer decor. But it is crucial to understand that luxurious roses will not work. Let it be light and airy daisies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers. And even better – a floral arrangement of farm flowers. Chat with florists or visit sites like https://djflowers.ae/t/birthday-flowers where there’re plenty of suitable bouquets.

Fresh and fragrant seasonal flowers will transform any interior.

Change textiles

Summer colors are bright, warm, fresh and sunny. To decorate rooms facing the shady side, textiles in yellow, orange and red tones are just perfect! They will make up for the lack of sunlight. When choosing curtains, give preference to light, flowing, translucent fabrics, such as chiffon. When decorating a room with windows facing south, use blue and green colors, or rather, their cold shades (mint, aquamarine) – they can give a feeling of coolness on hot sunny days.

Summer floor coverings can be “diluted” with lint-free carpets in bright colors, as well as mats made of reeds or palm leaves. Light blankets and decorative pillows with flower designs, colourful armchair or chair coverings, and kitchen towels with a “summer” theme will all help to update and renew the home’s interior.

Add decor

  • You can put large plants in outdoor tubs in the apartment – this will give your home the look of a summer resort.
  • Pictures and photo frames. It is advisable to replace landscapes (especially autumn or winter ones) with more “summer” options – decorations with fresh flowers, paintings of a green forest or meadow, seascapes. You can also take a fresh look at photo frames by decorating them with small shells, starfish, or decorating them with bamboo sticks or reeds.
  • Decorate the bed with an airy canopy – translucent or made of light snow-white fabric – and enjoy peace and comfort.

Change the head of the bed: forget about monotony or inexpressive colors. Use botanical motifs, bright shades – a vigorous upsurge is guaranteed.

  • Jute baskets and rugs. Jute is one of the most trendy spring-summer materials. Easy to use, you can even wash it in the washing machine. As a material, it is ideal for rugs that look great in the bathroom or kitchen, and large baskets where even an impressive flower pot can be hidden.
  • Shells are maybe the most “summer” decor you can imagine. Remember how they used to collect shells from a holiday at sea and place them on the sideboard shelves? Let’s recall this experience. You may construct a lovely installation by putting shells in a florarium vase.
  • Wooden utensils. This is great for mixing salad ingredients or serving cold soups. The design of such dishes really looks natural and summer-like.
  • Linen and cotton. Natural fabrics are the must-have of summer. Swap satin and velvet throw pillows for linen and cotton, and pay attention to the same linens. The charm of linen also lies in the fact that even when wrinkled, it looks attractive.
  • Garland with large bulbs. If numerous small white or colored lights are strongly associated with winter holidays, then large light bulbs are definitely a summer attribute, pulling the feeling of a festival or a picnic in the country into the space. It is best to decorate a balcony with such a garland, but you can also hang it in a room – in combination with diffused light sources like floor lamps and table lamps, they will create the appropriate atmosphere.


With the advent of June, we all want to remove all unnecessary, open the windows and enjoy the summer atmosphere. To add the right summer vibe, just follow our tips!

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