How to Know Who Blocked Me on Whatsapp? Latest Tricks

Learn how to know if you have been blocked on WhatsApp with some simple tricks that we show you. Get rid of doubts and discover the little clues that the application gives you. Have you written to someone on WhatsApp and they do not respond to you despite a long time? In this article, we show you how to know who blocked me on WhatsApp.

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Considering how much we use it day after day, the more we know about WhatsApp and its functions, the better. That is why we have already explained how to activate the dark mode, increase the app’s security level, create your stickers, etc.

Who blocked me on whatsapp?

This time we will show you several tricks to get out of your doubts and find out once and for all if you have been blocked on WhatsApp simply and effectively.

who blocked me on whatsapp

Profile picture

Social networks are a kind of reflection of ourselves on the Internet. For that reason, we usually personalize our profiles with our best photos, phrases, etc.

One way to find out if someone has blocked us is precisely to review the person’s profile photo in question. If instead of a photo of you, you have the default WhatsApp doll, there is a good chance that you have blocked us.

However, that person may have WhatsApp configured so that only their contacts can see their profile picture, so they may simply not have us added. Another option is that that person directly does not have a profile photo, although it is quite strange.

Receiving messages

Another clue to know if someone has blocked us can be easily solved by a message. If they block us, our sent message will only have one tick, but the second tick will never appear, which would verify that the message has been delivered to the recipient.

However, we must remember that this second tick could also take time to appear if that contact has the mobile turned off or without an Internet connection. That is, it will not always mean blocking.

The calls

From WhatsApp, they explain that if they have blocked us, we will not call that user, but it is not exactly like that. We have checked it and it is possible to call, although that person will never receive our call, so they will never answer us. If, on the contrary, we call and that person ends up catching it at some point, we can confirm that they have not blocked us.

Last connection time

If they have blocked us, we will not see the last time they have connected to WhatsApp or online. Despite this, it is not a completely useful test, since more and more people configure WhatsApp so that no one can see these aspects despite not having blocked them.

The group trick

If they have been blocked, we will not be able to add that person to any group. At the time of inviting them, a notification will appear indicating that an error has occurred.

If you review all the points that we have mentioned, you can know with certainty if they have blocked you or not. Of course, based on our experience, we believe that the latter that of the groups is the one that will finally confirm the blockade.