What are Moving Day Essentials?

When you move house, the last thing that you want is to get to the other end and realise that you are going to root through all of your boxes for the things that you need. When you are planning your move and finding what you need for the big day, such as arranging for someone like this removals Cheltenham based company https://express-removals.co.uk/removal-companies-near-me/removals-cheltenham to come and move things for you, it is easy to forget the things like this, but you will want to get to the other side and find all the things that you need.

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Here are some of the things that you should pack in your box to open when you arrive…

Clothes – Make sure that everyone has a couple of changes of clothes to get you though a couple of days, as well as work and school clothing if needed.

Drinks and Snacks – When you get there you are going to want something to eat and drinks, so keep some food and drink that you can access and prepare easily when you get in.

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Documents – If you need any documents to hand then make sure that you keep them out with you.

Toiletries – You will want to have a wash after all that moving so keep soap and shower gels as well as things like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Crockery – Plates, cups, knives and forks are all going to be needed when you get in, you don’t have to keep them all out but make sure everyone has one each – and don’t forget the washing up liquid.