Lounge area on the balcony. Basic rules to remember

A small room with two square meters can be turned into a reading and work area, a place for sunbathing, or a mini-cafe for relaxing and gatherings with friends. How to plan the design of the future lounge area?

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For an ideal lounge area, you need a free space. If your balcony is a place of accumulation of everything in the world, first of all, you need to get rid of everything unnecessary. The next step is to estimate the area. Large balconies can serve as a storage space, as they will accommodate a wardrobe and a seating area where a double sofa will fit. For small balconies, every available centimeter counts, so it’s better to take care of the space and not to furnish it too much: a coffee table and a pair of folding chairs are enough.


Open balconies are suitable for gatherings in warm weather. In winter, this space will not be used, so it is not worth carefully furnishing it. Keep in mind that all textiles and decor should be moved with the beginning of rain and snow.

Closed balconies can be insulated and rest there all year round. Make the glazing from the ceiling to the floor, then the space will be bright and spacious. You can choose French windows, and the interior of the loggia is made in the style of Provence.


One of the most important things to think of is outdoor furniture. If you have a spacious loggia, you can order a small corner sofa for it. Install a pair of wicker chairs, and put colorful pillows, rattan outdoor furniture can be the best option. Place a small coffee table or think about bar furniture in the corner to make your home parties more warm and cozy and create the most summery atmosphere. Be careful with choosing the covering material and think in advance of upholstery service, for instance, https://www.parasoldubai.com/outdoor-sofa-material-upholstery/ as even the best outdoor furniture is subject to strong influences of the street environment.


The northern side, where there is little sun, requires brightness from the interior. Use juicy colors and light furniture. On the southern sunny side take care of sun protection, hang blinds or light curtains, and stock up on umbrellas.

If you have a sunny side, arrange your exotic beach on the loggia. Put a large pot with a decorative palm tree in the corner. Install a hammock or a sunbed on the balcony. Hang garlands around the perimeter.

More comfort

The outdoor lounge area is about comfort, coziness, and relaxation, so the atmosphere should be the same. Make sure that you are comfortable sitting. It is not necessary to choose a sofa for this, although a double option will be useful for a large balcony. There are enough soft chairs, a mattress, and an abundance of pillows.

If the balcony is narrow, then put a small wooden box on one side, put a mattress and pillows on top of it, and place a small folding table next to it. Carpets create comfort. Imagine you are walking barefoot on a soft and fluffy pile, heated by the sun (if it is the sunny side). What could be better?

Live plants

Create your oasis on the loggia – it will look very nice if it is open. Install hanging pots around the perimeter on the railing and plant a variety of flowers in them. You can put a couple of planters or large flowerpots on the balcony. Plant weaving plants in them. You will get a hedge. With its help, you will hide from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Install a sail of folding chairs and a small table and you have a relaxation area ready.


A balcony is a well-lit place, but additional light sources will not be superfluous. Garlands in the form of light bulbs will be appropriate in the lounge area.


Decorative pillows and blankets, tea dishes, paintings and pots, scented candles, and cute lamps will complete the process of turning the balcony into a place of rest. If the balcony is glazed, you can decorate its windows with curtains or blinds so that it is comfortable on the balcony late in the evening.

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