Flooring trends you might want to consider

Laminate flooring is an option that many people are switching to when looking to add some style to any room. There are lots of different types of laminate that can be used in a variety of rooms in a home. 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring, for example, like that from https://www.irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/laminate-flooring/12mm-laminate can be a great option for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and hallways. There are a number of trends in flooring that you might want to consider if looking to have laminate installed in your home.

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Laminate Flooring:  This type of flooring is excellent for durability and style. It is a favourite amongst most people as it is affordable and versatile. Many options are available that allow for use in every room in the home. Even waterproof laminate options are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture resistance is crucial. This can allow you to add durability and style to your kitchen and bathroom spaces.

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Eco-Friendly Materials: For eco-conscious people, materials like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed wood are becoming increasingly popular. These sustainable options offer unique patterns and even textures that can add to your home’s style and help protect the environment.

Bold Patterns and Colours: You can make a statement with your flooring. Bold patterns, geometric designs and vibrant colours can all help to transform your floor. This can be a great way to add some style and personality to any space without having to completely redecorate the entire room.