Design Ideas For A Small Kitchen

Design ideas for a small kitchen don’t have to be confined to cramped cupboards and lacklustre countertops. Smart storage and creative decorating can make a tiny room feel big, bright and utterly usable. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a dated layout, checking out ideas for small kitchen spaces illustrates how to tackle the challenges with style. From tucking away supplies behind slimline ladder shelving units to using a dining booth idea to make the most of an unused corner, these clever hacks and tips are sure to inspire your own small kitchen designs.

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Many small kitchen ideas involve bringing in light and white hues to visually enlarge the space. However, there’s no reason to stick with pale shades only – a dark accent wall adds depth to a narrow galley kitchen, for example. A dark colour will also draw the eye upwards, which is ideal if you have low ceilings, or are working with a dark wood or rich hue on the cabinets. Find out more about having a Kitchen Refurb by visiting

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A partition is a great small kitchen idea that allows you to properly zone your space. A glass half partition, for example, helps to keep the space feeling open whilst creating designated prep areas. Alternatively, opt for a sliding door, which keeps the room feeling open when not in use and makes it easy to close off when cooking or serving food.