5 Golden Rules for Parents of a Toddler Going to a Birthday Party

Animators, a cheerful company, cake, and pizza — children’s parties involve fun and joy. But how not overshadow them with an inappropriate outfit, conflicts, or poor health?

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Proper clothing

Princess dresses and tailcoats are, of course, festive clothes. But for active games and launching soap bubbles, they are not suitable. As well as complex hairstyles and headbands with horns and ears. Make sure that the child is comfortable and not hot in the first place. Of course, you should not wear a tracksuit — comfortable trousers and toddler boy graphic tees from https://thetrendytoddlers.com/collections/toddler-boy-graphic-tees and a tunic with leggings for a girl are enough. And do not forget about light shoes that fit snugly on the foot.

Preliminary discussion

It is not easy for all toddlers to understand that someone else has a holiday. This someone blows out candles, receives gifts and prizes, is it fair!? Talk to your child about the holiday — not in the format of reproaches, but in the format of questions:

  • What holiday is it?
  • Who is the main hero of the occasion?
  • How should you behave?

Remind your little one that you will definitely have a fun event for their birthday, too.

Menu coordination

At children’s parties, it is rarely healthy: more often, children are fed french fries, pizza, and juice. If the child has allergies or stomach problems, check in advance what will be eaten during the celebration and whether the menu can be adjusted. If your family adheres to a healthy lifestyle, you should not forbid the baby to eat “all this filth” because then they will feel uncomfortable. It is better to feed them at home and tell them that the celebrating family tried and prepared treats, so they can eat a little.


Sometimes, on children’s holidays, when one child is invited, the mothers come with a kid’s little brother or sister for different reasons. For instance, there is no one to leave the baby with. In this case, be sure to discuss this with the organizers of the holiday and consider food and entertainment for the second child. Perhaps, at the birthday party, portioned dishes or individual prizes for guests are supposed, and then the “extra” toddler will be saddened.

Discussion of well-being

Residual symptoms after suffering ARVI in the form of a cough or an allergic rash of a guest can cause anxiety for other parents. If the child is not contagious, be sure to say so. If there is any doubt, it is better to stay at home.