The Hazel Tree – A Great Addition to your Garden

Hazel is a tree that is well loved and has a rich history in the British Isles. Believed to be the tree of wisdom in ancient times, the story of the hazel trees that grew around a pool, whose nut’s contained wisdom is an old druid legend which has stood the test of time. It is also believed to protect from evil spirits. If you are looking for a perfect tree to add to your garden, hazel could be perfect for you.

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As hazel is a native tree, it is easy to look after. It is often found in woodland and coppiced – it is advisable to get a professional like this Dorset tree surgeon in to cut back trees – if you are not sure what you are doing you could risk the health of the tree and injury to yourself.

Hazel is a valuable tree to many animals and birds. The hazel nuts that appear in the autumn and winter are enjoyed by many types of caterpillars, squirrels, dormice and many species of birds, so if you are wanting to attract wildlife to your garden a hazel tree will certainly help!

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It is also a pleasing signal of the coming spring – the catkins are the earliest to arrive and can be seen in February hanging from the branches of the hazel. The male catkins are the long yellow ones, and the tiny female flowers have a red tip.