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Garden Projects for the Winter Months

During the winter months it is tempting to sit inside in the warm and hibernate – but it is also a great time to get on with garden projects so that come the spring you will have a fantastic garden to spend time in. Here are some of the things that you can do over the winter in your garden…

Look after the birds – Winter is hard on the birds and it is lovely to feed them during these colder months when food is scarce. Set up a bird feeding table that is away from predators like cats and keep it well topped up over the winter with food and water. Particularly when the weather is icy, as the ground will be too hard for the birds to dig in and water will be frozen.

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Create a garden room – A garden room is a great place to have in the garden – it allows you to spend more time out there but protected from the elements and is a fantastic addition to the garden. You can build your own by finding a place like this timber merchants Southampton based Timbco, or you can buy one ready made and get someone to do the building for you.

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Get painting – Painting projects are also a great thing to do on a cool sunny winter’s day – you can paint your fences as well as giving your garden furniture a new lease of life, so that they will be ready for the spring when it comes to sitting on them and enjoying them!