Tips for Making your Garage Clutter Free and Well Organised

A garage is something that can be a huge benefit and for many people when looking for a house to buy, it is a must. But most of us are not using our garages and the space they provide as well as we could be. A garage can quickly become overrun with a lot of clutter and when it is not well organised it can be difficult to find what we are looking for in it.

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Wall storage is one of the best things that you can do to get your garage more organised. Make the most of all of that wall space by using boards that you can hang garden tools from as well as shelving and racking for placing boxes on – a company like Rackzone, a shelving Ireland based company should be able to help you find the right thing for you.

Many people forget about the ceiling, but it is in fact a fantastic storage place. You can use hanging shelves to keep things stored up high, and even ceiling mounted bike racks to store the family bikes out of the way. The key to successful storage is making all of the space work for you.

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If you work in the garage, then create a dedicated area for this so that you can work with all you need to hand and keep other parts of the garage free of clutter. A small unit where you can keep smaller items in drawers and stool that tucks away when done are great space savers.