How to look after your engineered wood floor

You might have decided that it’s a better idea to go for some  Engineered Wood Flooring in your home rather than a traditional carpet. There are many reasons to do this. If you own pets or if you find that the carpet traps in the summer heat it might be better to go for this cooler alternative. It’s also a very modern look. However, despite what you might originally think, Engineered Wood Flooring still needs a bit of cleaning and attention. Here is what you need to do to protect it. Using for the installation will certainly put you in the best place, to begin with.

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There are two vital components to making sure that you have the right tools for the cleaning job. The first is a good quality microfibre mop. A standard one will not do. Just run this over the place twice a week and the dust will just come off easily. Every two months you need to use a damp microfibre mop with some specific Engineered Wood Flooring cleaner. You can’t use just soap and water as this can spoil the look of the floor.

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Another means of protecting the floor is to have any furniture fitted with shoes under the feet to stop scratches. Rugs should also be used under heavy items like tables and chairs. They also stop an slippages from spillages.