4 Tips for Pricing Furniture When You Sell a House

You’re ready to dive into the spring real estate market by selling your home (the fastest way possible, or at a more traditional pace), you may also be thinking about selling your furniture with the property. But there’s one issue, how do you price the furniture?

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Look no further for our top four tips for pricing furniture when you sell a house. This tricky task doesn’t need to trip you up, and it can deliver serious convenience if you’re moving cross-country, or just looking to start fresh in your new space.

1) Do Your Research

The first tip if you’re deciding how to price your furniture when selling a house is to understand what you have. Research your furniture pieces and their value so you can have a realistic expectation of what to charge a buyer. Be aware you often will receive about 50-percent less than what you originally paid for used furniture. Other things to consider when researching the value are:

  • Your furniture’s age, condition, and style
  • If you have antiques, hire a furniture appraiser to get the most accurate value
  • Reference auction websites for ballpark values

2) Think About Logistics

The most common way to sell furniture when selling a house is to sell the furniture and the home as a total package. It’s important to work with a real estate professional who can accurately price your package deal to include the furniture as well as the overall property value. Other ways you can sell your furniture when selling a house include:

  • Itemize the furniture as a sales concession
  • Sell the furniture as a separate transaction from the sale of the property

3) Consider What Adds Value

Depending on the furniture you’re selling, there are certain details that add value. You should know these considerations before pricing your pieces. Think about:

  • Brand name recognition
  • Quality materials (if it’s hardwood, it’s worth more!)
  • Accurately describe condition as “like new” or “excellent”
  • If the styling is modern or on-trend, it’s worth more

4) Get Staging

If you make your furniture look perfect in the space, you’re likely to get top dollar for the sale. Consider staging the home by decluttering unnecessary items. Ensure the furniture fits the space perfectly. If buyers see your items looking fabulous in the space, they’re more likely to purchase the furniture with the house. Along with staging, don’t forget to photograph the furniture so it shines, and market the space appropriately.

We hope you found these tips on how to price furniture when selling a house helpful. Realize that deciding to add furniture to the sale of your home complicates the deal, however, if you take the proper steps to understand what you have and give a realistic value, you can dodge the dreaded task of moving furniture when you move on to your new home-sweet-home.