What to wear with green pants?

When we think about what color to put with our clothes, we usually think of colors like blue and red, which make a striking combination and look fantastic on everyone. But what you might not know is that there are colors that work better together than those two. You probably already figured out that black goes well with everything, but there are a few colors that work better with black than others. One of those colors which is a lot more interesting and eye catching is green.

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What to wear with green pants?

What to wear with green pants

Black with green is a combination that always makes you look nicer, even if the clothes are not so good. Because it’s such an unusual color, most people would never think to put them together. But they should because when done right, it looks absolutely fabulous.

Shirts with green pants

One of the easiest and most common options of what to wear with green pants is a long sleeved shirt or black dress shirt. You can’t go wrong with this simple combination, and it always looks great on everyone, especially in the winter time when you need something better than a regular t-shirt.

You can also put together a nice 3 piece suit with a tie or bowtie. It’s an interesting combination that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you have a matching green shirt, it will look even better, but also try mixing different shades of green as well as black and white together as well.

Shoes with green pants

Shoes should also go along with the pants as well as the other clothes you’re wearing. A pair of green shoes will go perfectly, and it should match your other green accessories such as a belt or wristwatch.

If you want to wear green pants, but don’t have any shirt or shoes that matches them, try to buy them from the same store or at least from the same brand. You might think that this is a bit too extravagant, but most gentlemen appreciate knowing that their clothes match and it makes you look more put together.

Right now green pants are not exactly in fashion, so you can still get them for a relatively cheap price. So before they come back into style, go ahead and buy a nice pair of green pants to wear with your other clothes. Whether you want them for casual occasions or formal events, this color will work perfectly and make you stand out from the crowd too.

What not to wear with green pants?

Now that you know what to wear with green pants, it’s also important to avoid certain colors and combinations so your look doesn’t come across as tacky or unappealing.

The most obvious answer is anything in the color yellow and patterns and prints. These don’t work well together and will ruin your style in an instant. You can also easily ruin the look by wearing a gold watch or bracelet as well as accessories like socks and ties. Instead, stick with neutral colors such as black and white that will let you pull off this great look without any problems.

If you’re going to wear green pants as part of your work wardrobe, you should avoid loud prints and patterns as well as anything that’s made out of silk. Instead, go with leather shoes or dress boots to match your pants for a more dignified look that’s perfect for your office.