What Are Jaxxon Chains Made of?

Jaxxon chains have become a staple in jewelry boxes across America. Their timeless designs and durable craftsmanship make them a go-to choice for necklaces, bracelets, and more. But what exactly goes into creating these iconic chains? As a Jaxxon insider, I’m excited to give you an in-depth look at what makes our chains so special.

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Crafting Chains with Care

Crafting Chains with Care

Our chain-making process starts with sourcing only the finest materials. Jaxxon uses metals like 14k gold, sterling silver, and rhodium plating to ensure strength, shine, and longevity. We also utilize premium alloys and expert techniques to produce chains that will last for decades to come.

Once we have our high-quality metals and alloys, our artisans get to work crafting each chain by hand. The creation of a Jaxxon chain is far from automated – it involves skill, passion, and attention to detail. If you’re comparing handmade craftsmanship, it’s worth exploring the differences in approach and artistry between GLD Shop vs Jaxxon to make an informed choice for your unique style.

Shaping the Links

The first step is shaping the individual links that will make up the chain. Our metalsmiths shape and mold the raw material into polished links, expertly calibrating the size and shape for different chain styles. The links may be rounded, oval, figaro, or a variety of other shapes depending on the desired look.

For example, our popular cigar chain links have a flattened oval shape, while our Singapore chain links are a fusion of rounded and flattened links. The links are shaped to precision so they connect smoothly and securely. This shaping process relies on seasoned metalsmiths and specialized tools to craft links worthy of the Jaxxon name.

Connecting by Hand

Once the links are formed, the meticulous process of hand connecting them begins. One by one, each link must be connected to create the completed chain. For larger chains like necklaces, this can mean connecting hundreds of individual links!

Our artisans carefully feed each link through the next, ensuring they are properly joined while maintaining a consistent pattern and smooth drape. Proper connecting is crucial for strength, flexibility, and design. It’s a time-intensive process that machines simply can’t replicate.

We take pride in this hands-on craftsmanship, just as we have since our inception in 1968. While many brands opt for quicker automated assembly, we believe hand connecting preserves the integrity and quality of our chains. It’s an indispensable part of our commitment to excellence.

Finishing Touches

After connection, our chains undergo expert finishing to perfect each facet. Using specialized tools, our metalsmiths smooth any rough edges, polish surfaces, and fortify clasps. We closely examine the drape, security, and shine to guarantee it meets our standards.

For gold, silver, and platinum chains, we also apply rhodium plating. This adds a protective layer that enhances shine and prevents tarnishing. It’s an optional upgrade ensuring your chain will maintain its luxurious look for years to come.

Our meticulous finishing process is the final step before a Jaxxon chain is ready to be worn and cherished. It’s a testament to our belief that quality matters in every detail.

Diverse Chain Styles

While expert craftsmanship goes into every Jaxxon chain, each has its own unique style and personality. From bold box links to dainty snake chains, we offer an array of designs to suit every taste.

Classic and Timeless Chains

For those seeking that iconic jewelry box staple, our classic chains are a timeless choice. Durable cable chains, Singapore chains, and curb chains make sophisticated additions to any outfit. Their evenly sized, interlinking patterns ensure they lay smoothly and make an elegant statement. Understated figaro chains also embody the versatile elegance we’re known for.

Chunky and Bold Chains

Want to amp up your style? Go for one of our chunkier link chains like the rounded wheat chain or anchored mariner. Their bold shapes and oversized links command attention. Box and rope chains also pack a punch with their uniformly shaped, connected links. The striking geometric patterns deliver major visual impact.

Fashion-Forward and Delicate Chains

Of course, chains don’t have to be bulky to make a statement. Our collection includes dainty Venetian chains, snake chains, and bead chains that add a refined pop of shine. For the fashion trailblazer, try layering multiple thinner chains like lariat and paperclip chains. You can also interconnect them with pendants or charms for a personalized look.

With diverse metals, styles, lengths and thicknesses, our chain selection truly has something for everyone. Browse our full collection to discover new favorites and staple accessories.

Built to Last: Chain Durability Demystified

With proper care, a quality chain can become a lifelong accessory. But what makes a chain durable versus delicate? Here are the key factors we focus on when crafting long-lasting Jaxxon chains:

Link Design

The shape and size of a chain’s links impact its durability. Styles like cable and Singapore chains have flat, overlapping links that create a smooth, flexible drape. Their soldered connections are less prone to bending or breaking over time.

Bulkier links like Curb and Figaro provide stability too, while thinner styles like snake and Venetian chains are more fragile by nature. Understanding link types helps determine the right chain for your lifestyle.

Metal Matters

Our gold, silver, and platinum chains are designed for daily wear and longevity. These precious metals boast inherent strength and tarnish-resistance for the ultimate in durability. We also utilize durable alloys like stainless steel for an affordable option.

In contrast, base metals like nickel and brass are more prone to damage. Rest assured, Jaxxon only uses premium metals so your chain will stay in cherished condition.

Secure Clasps

A chain is only as durable as its clasp, which bears the brunt of daily wear. Our clasps are expertly engineered to avoid breaks, leaks, or lost chains. We rely on strong lobster claw, spring ring, and fold-over safety clasps. For added security, a sturdy extender chain is available too.

Proper Length

The length of your chain impacts how much stress it undergoes. Choker length 12-13″ chains have less exposure to snagging and pulling than longer 18-20” styles. For fragile designs, keep lengths brief. For chunkier chains, extend as desired since they can handle more wear and tear.

Preventative Care

Taking some basic precautions goes a long way in preserving a chain’s durability:

  • Remove chains before strenuous activity, sleeping, showering, swimming, etc. to avoid damage.
  • Use clasps properly and evenly when putting on/taking off chains to reduce strain.
  • Avoid exposing chains to chemicals like perfume, hairspray, chlorine, etc. which can erode metals.
  • Store chains safely in a jewelry box rather than tossing them in a purse or drawer.

With conscientious wear and care, our chains are built to stand the test of time. The combination of premium metals, resilient links, and sturdy craftsmanship ensures you can enjoy them for decades to come. Not all chains are created equal, but you can trust a Jaxxon chain to outlast the trends.

Behind the Brilliance: Diamond Cut Chains

Diamonds aren’t just for solitaire rings – their exceptional brilliance also elevates our luxurious chains. Our diamond cut chains showcase a signature finish that ups the wow factor. Here’s an inside look at how we achieve this special effect:

The Diamond Cut Difference

Most chains have a simple polished or brushed finish, but our diamond cut chains take surface shine to the next level. They undergo a special faceting process similar to how diamonds are cut to maximize light refraction.

Our expert metalsmiths use precision tools to hand engrave the chain’s surface with geometric faceting. The numerous planned angles and planes refract light to create exceptional flashes of fire. Just like a quality diamond, the diamond cut chain radiates brilliance from every angle.

Maximizing Visual Impact

Faceting requires careful expertise to amplify radiance. The number, depth, symmetry, and alignment of the facets all factor into the optical effect.

We customize the faceting patterns based on the chain’s links and metal. For example, wide box chain links may feature a mix of diagonal and crosshatch cuts. More intricate wheat chains showcase concentric circle cuts that align with the contours of each link.

No matter the style, diamond cut chains display a luminous sparkle that instantly catches the eye. It takes time and skill to achieve this special finishing touch, but the dazzling results are well worth it.

Metals that Shine

To allow the diamond cut to radiate, we use only quality metals including sterling silver, 14k gold, and platinum. Higher karat gold (18k or 22k) also maximizes sparkle. The precious metals beautifully showcase the rainbow refraction.

We also apply rhodium plating to our sterling silver and gold chains for extra brilliance. The added layer increases light reflection and provides durable tarnish resistance. This keeps the diamond cut chains looking like new over years of wear.

Finishing Touches

After faceting, we hand polish the chains to smooth any rough edges left from engraving. Buffing and shining the peaks and valleys to a uniform finish allows the most light to dance across the surfaces. The diamond cut effect is highlighted when the precious metals and masterful faceting intersect.

Treat yourself to the singular sparkle of our diamond cut chains. Once you see the light dancing off these special finishes, you’ll be mesmerized!

Behind the Shine: Rhodium Plating

Many of our sterling silver and gold chains receive premier rhodium plating for enhanced shine and durability. This exclusive finishing touch is no accident – it takes scientific skill to perfectly plate our chains. Here’s what goes into the process:

The Science of Plating

Rhodium is a precious metal in the platinum family prized for its bright white luster. To permanently bond this polish to our chains, we rely on electroplating. This technique uses electrical current to evenly coat the chain with a thin layer of rhodium.

The chain acts as the cathode while a rhodium rod acts as the anode. Both are suspended in a special plating solution. When current is applied, the rhodium atoms separate from the anode and travel to bond with the chain’s surface. It’s high-tech alchemy!

Precise Process

Every step occurs under the watchful eyes of experts. The strength of the electrical current and timing must be precisely calibrated to control the rhodium’s deposition. Too thick of a coating can be weak or uneven. Too thin and flaws may show through.

We carefully regulate the parameters so the rhodium fuses in a perfect 0.25-2.5 micron layer. This maintains the original metal’s flexibility without limiting the rhodium’s brilliance.

Permanent Protection

Unlike plating techniques like flash plating, our full rhodium electroplating permanently alters the metal’s composition. The rhodium atoms fully integrate rather than just coating the surface. This means the luxurious finish can’t rub or wear off no matter how often you don the chain.

The integrity of the rhodium coating comes down to precision plating. Our strict standards and expert oversight result in a lasting shine that will maintain its luster year after year.

Enhanced Brilliance

The reflective white rhodium beautifully complements our sterling silver and yellow gold. It masks any oxidization or metal imperfections to give a flawless finish. Rhodium also offers superior shine compared to other white metals like nickel or palladium.

By maximizing light reflection, rhodium provides an optimal canvas for other enhancements like diamond cutting. It takes our chains’ brilliance to the next level.

With technology and talent combined, our stunning rhodium plated chains uplift every look. The enduring shine stands as a testament to our meticulous craftsmanship.

Built to Be Cherished: Lifetime Guarantee

Built to Be Cherished: Lifetime Guarantee

At Jaxxon, we don’t just sell chains – we craft enduring symbols of cherished memories. Our customers include couples buying wedding rings, parents gifting graduation gifts, and relatives honoring milestone birthdays. That’s why we stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee.

Honoring Heritage

Providing exceptional jewelry and service has been our family’s passion since our founders opened the first Jaxxon store back in 1968. Over the decades, we’ve maintained our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. It’s our legacy.

We proudly continue this tradition by offering a lifetime warranty on all our chains. It’s our way of honoring our heritage and thanking loyal customers who make Jaxxon part of their special moments.

The Proof Is in the Product

From sourcing to finishing, we engineer our chains for quality and longevity. Strict stress testing ensures durability while premium materials elevate shine. Decades of expertise goes into each design so you can trust it will outlast any trend.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is the ultimate embodiment of our brand promise – making investments that stand the test of time and can be passed down for generations. We proudly guarantee our work, so you can confidently build traditions with Jaxxon chains by your side.

Caring for a Cherished Heirloom

To help your chain last a lifetime, be sure to follow some basic care guidelines. Avoid harsh chemicals, dangling to prevent snagging, and chipping by removing during strenuous activity. When in doubt, take off your chain to keep it in peak condition.

We also recommend professional cleanings every 6-12 months. Our experts will thoroughly clean the chain, check settings, and reinforce any worn components. Well-maintained chains have the longest lifespans.

Let Us Pamper Your Jewelry

If any defect, damage, or wear should occur, just contact us. Our friendly customer care team is here to help restore your chain to like-new beauty free of charge. Depending on the issue, we can repair, replate, polish, or replace the chain.

We make the process quick and convenient by providing insured return shipping. In a few short weeks, we’ll return your gleaming chain ready to be shown off.

At Jaxxon, we treat your jewelry like our own. Our Lifetime Guarantee reflects the quality, care, and commitment we put into every order. We can’t wait for our chains to become your timeless treasures that tell the story of life’s richest moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Jaxxon chains so special?

Our chains are special because of their meticulous handcrafted construction. We use only precious metals like solid gold and sterling silver. Skilled artisans then shape, connect, and polish each chain by hand for a quality finish. This expert technique results in heirloom-worthy chains.

2. How do I measure my chain length?

Use a flexible tape measure to gently wrap around your neck or wrist. Keep the tape snug without constricting. For necklaces, it’s best to have someone assist. Measure in inches from where the clasp meets to the other end. Round up to the nearest whole inch for ideal chain length.

3. How often should chains be serviced?

We recommend professional inspection and cleaning every 6-12 months. Our experts will thoroughly clean the chain, check settings, and reinforce any worn components. Regular servicing helps chains retain their beauty and function.

4. Can you solder my chain if it breaks?

Yes, we have master metalsmiths who can expertly solder broken chains. We take care to preserve any special finishes while fusing the links. Soldering is often faster and less costly than full chain replacement.

5. Do you sell chain by the inch?

We offer select styles available by the inch for a custom fit. Our wheat, cable, Figaro, and snake chains come in standard 12-30” lengths or can be cut to your perfect size. Customization provides an extra personal touch!


Jaxxon chains clearly undergo tremendous time, skill, and care during their creation process. It takes patience and expertise to transform raw metals into diverse chain styles worthy of being passed down. Cherished for their heirloom quality and effortless style, Jaxxon chains are made to be enjoyed for generations.

Glass jewelry boxes for women not only enhance the allure of your treasures but also serve as elegant showcases for the artisan-crafted chains that encapsulate memories. Next time you catch the light dancing along the links of your favorite chain, remember the devoted artisan hands that shaped it. Let our chains continue embellishing life’s wonderful moments while serving as enduring symbols of memories made. At Jaxxon, we take pride in crafting chains destined to be treasured always.