The Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Cowboy Hats – The Crucial Facts to Consider

Hats have been a prominent accessory for men and women. And if you look around, you will find that the cowboy hat has been a staple for both women and men across different parts of Canada, the United States and various other countries. Even though the cowboy hats are available in multiple styles, comprising multiple brims and tops, the fundamental style remains the same for both genders.

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There might be a chance that women’s straw cowboy hats might contain more bling and decoration and are available in multiple colors. And conventionally, the hatband atop the brim gets tied on the right side instead of the left side in case of women’s cowboy hat.

The size

In terms of the size, a cowboy hat for a woman might be small in size than that of a man. In order to find out the size, you can divide the head circumference evaluated in inches by 3.145. And if you wish to custom a hat, then the concerned hat maker will make a hat that fits your head. And any hat that gets made to the desired size is perfect for a woman or man. However, men don’t find the pink cowboy hats having rhinestones very appealing.

The color of the hat

The conventional cowboy hat shades for men comprise of tan, black, silver, brown, grey or white. And in terms of women, the commonly available colors are red, pink, and blue.

The hat decoration

If you look at the cowboy hats that are designed for men, you will find very less decoration. There’s a probability of a leather or satin hatband and a few other decorations that rest atop the brim. On the other hand, a cowboy hat for women is more expansive and contains a vibrant hatband that gets adorned with jewelry at the front of the hat. Also, hat decoration is all about taste. It could be that a man’s cowboy hat possesses elaborate decoration compared to a woman, based on the owner’s preference. However, the hatband ribbon conventionally gets tied on the right side in a woman’s hat.

The hat material

According to the experts, the ideal cowboy hats for women and men are made from felt, rabbit or beaver fur, or probably a blend of the two. The amount of rabbit or beaver fur and the lesser material gets represented with a number that gets followed by X. A costly hat can have a 100x marking, which indicates that it has 100% beaver fur. The specified number does not allocate the percentage in every case. However, a hat with a mark of 10x can comprise a half and half blend of rabbit and beaver. Today, various hat makers make use of various scales. It’s always best to ask the concerned hat maker about the same to gain some clarity.

These are some of the obvious differences between a men’s and women’s cowboy hat. Now that you are aware of the differences, you can choose the one that best fits your choice, requirement, and budget criteria. Make sure you choose a hat that’s of good quality and one that is durable.