Military green shirt – looks for you to fall in love!

There are pieces that are wildcards of the female wardrobe, and the shirt is one of those pieces, which allows you to create looks that range from formal style to casual proposals. And one way to get out of the obvious with the classic white shirt is to bet on a military green shirt, which can be as versatile as the white piece.

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How to wear a green military shirt? – Models and looks

With PantsMilitary green shirt

A classic combination is a bet on the green military shirt with pants, which can be anything from tailoring, transforming the look into a formal proposal, to the mix with destroyed pants, as shown in this casual look proposal.

In the inspiration to create the look of a female shirt with pants, the idea here brings the mix of military green with black pants, betting on the neutral color as a complement to the look.

The production mixes the destroyed black pants with a military green shirt outside the pants, keeping the casual idea.

The bet of keeping some buttons on the shirt open is also a good choice for a more everyday look, and the complement with the flat sandal is the perfect choice for hot days.

With SkirtMilitary green shirt

As a proposal for an elegant look with a green shirt, the proposal here brings an idea of ​​the combination with a leather midi skirt.

And to escape from the most obvious proposals, the combination bet on the idea of ​​wearing the skirt with a teal shade, creating a composition with similar colors.

As the look already brings interesting color information, the idea was to bet on nude pumps, bringing a neutral shoe for the look and a great choice to stretch the legs, since the midi skirt tends to flatten.

With Short

In this case, the idea was to use a short boxer style female and black leather shorts, creating different textures for the look.

As the shorts are short, the shirt inside works very well in this proposal, leaving the shorts showing and helping to stretch the legs.

To complement the look, the bet was to include gold accessories in the look, such as the necklace, bracelets, and the handbag, which adds shine to the look.

In addition to the gold talking very well with the military green tone, the accessories also match the shirt buttons, which are golden, leaving the look in total harmony.

Short Sleeve

For the look using the short-sleeved women’s shirt, the idea was to put together a look for hot days, combining the green piece with a white, round skirt, creating a light look for the day.

The production also won a gladiator flat sandal in a caramel tone, which maintains a neutral color for the look. The colorful and cheerful touch was due to the round bag with floral print, which leaves the perfect look for the day.

So, have you surrendered to this fashion? If you don’t already have this piece in your wardrobe, maybe it’s time to invest in this piece and guarantee versatile and incredible looks!