Mens fashion facts you might not have heard

Whether you are a lover of Superdry Clothes from stockists such as or you prefer to spend your days in more formal suits and jackets you have probably become more fashion aware over the years. People around the world are becoming more conscious about the brands and designers that they purchase from and how they dress. But there are probably still some fashion facts that you might not have head of and here are a couple of them.

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The button-down collar that was invented by Polo players

Button-down collars haven’t always been worn for their stylish looks.  Back in the day, polo players had the daunting job of attempting to hook the mallet of their opposing player while having a face full of a flapping collar that would obstruct their view. Their intuitive DIY solution was to sew buttons onto the shirt to keep the collar down during play. This distinctive look was noticed and brought to their homeland by Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothes manufacturer in the United States, where it became the definitive style trend it is today.

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When a chemist developed a waterproof jacket.

In 1823, in London, the humble Mackintosh coat, also known as an outdoor rain jacket, first appeared. Its founder, Charles Macintosh, a Scottish chemist, weaved two different fabrics together with the outer one having a liquid-rubber compound to create the first waterproof fabric in the world. Since then this technology has been used in many different ways to create waterproof items.