Between smart and casual, how to style different kinds of shirts

In the world of dress codes, different names can very easily confuse us and make it hard to figure out what to wear. For men, the “smart casual” style seems to be one of the most popular ones. But sometimes this smart casual dress code can be tricky to follow. In this article, we’re talking about different types of shirts and how they adapt to smart, casual or something in between. Read along to find out which shirt suits the dress code you want to achieve.

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Smart shirts

When going for a smart look, it’s important to choose shirts that have a polished look and some elegance to them. Classic button-down shirts in fabrics like cotton or linen, with well-defined collars and structured silhouettes are the best choice for a smart look. Solid colors or subtle patterns such as pinstripes or checks are ideal if you want to stay smart but unique. For smart shirts the fit is very important, so make sure you get a well fitting shirt. Pair smart shirts with tailored trousers or chinos, and go for the classic oxford shoes or clean sneakers if you want a twist. Whether you’re going to a formal business meeting or a fancy dinner, smart shirts will always keep you looking sharp.

Casual shirts

For a laid-back and relaxed look, casual shirts offer comfort without sacrificing style. Choose shirts made from soft, breathable fabrics like chambray, denim, or flannel, with relaxed fits and casual details like no collars or patch pockets. Depending on the outfit you choose, you can play around with different patterns and colors. You can take a look at some casual high quality shirts here: Wear them untucked or partially tucked into jeans, chinos, or shorts for a carefree yet stylish look. Complete the look with chill footwear like sneakers or boots for a comfortable and cool aesthetic. Outfits with casual shirts are great for running errands on the weekend or grabbing drinks with friends.

Smart-casual combination

Finding the perfect balance between smart and casual can be done with versatile shirts that combine formal and relaxed vibes. The important thing is to choose the right material. You want your shirt to have a casual fit, but a high quality look. This way, your shirt will look sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. Style smart-casual shirts with tailored trousers for a classy appearance, or dress them down with dark-wash jeans for a more laid-back feel. These shirts are perfect for when you’re not sure what the dresscode of an event or gathering is and you want to make sure that you’re not over or under dressed for it.