How to match your jeans to your body type

With autumn just around the corner, it’s time to think about hanging up those summer shorts and digging out the winter warmers again.

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Mens designer jeans ( are a popular and timeless staple piece in any man’s wardrobe. Their durability and versatility of jeans makes them one of the most commonly worn garments worldwide. But jeans have evolved hugely over the years, and with so many styles on offer, it can be tricky finding the right pair for your body shape. A good pair of jeans can be a great investment, so it’s important to get it right. Here are some tips on nailing the perfect pair of jeans.

Loose fit

Loose fit jeans do what they say on the tin. They are a wider leg designed to offer more space around the legs, buttocks and hips. Not only are they super comfortable but they are a flattering option for men with an inverted triangle body shape as they can make the legs appear wider. But with a baggy leg on show, this look works best with a tighter top otherwise you run the risk of looking bigger than you are.

Straight leg

The straight leg jean is a style that quite simply remains the same width from hip to hem. This is a good choice for an athletic or muscular build, especially guys who really work hard on leg day. A straight leg jean will accentuate your features without being too tight or over the top. Straight leg jeans are also very versatile. They are loose enough to be comfortable but their flattering fit also makes them a good option to dress up as well as down.

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Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have soared in popularity over the last decade, thanks largely to the fashionistas of the indie music scene. Skinny jeans – often referred to as spray on jeans – are exceptionally slim fitting and figure hugging. Because of this they often have a higher proportion of stretch fabric within them than other styles. Because of their unforgiving nature, skinny jeans work best on athletic (but not overly muscular) builds. It is important that they fit well otherwise there really is nowhere to hide with this style. But get it right, team it with a cool band t-shirt and a pair of stylish sneaks and it is a contemporary and effortlessly cool look.