How to Dress Like a New Yorker: Top Fashion Tips When Visiting NYC

NYC truly attracts many tourists from around the world. While you may be one of them, it does not suggest you have to look like one.

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When you visit one of the leading fashion capitals globally, your wardrobe should be on point. After all, you need to blend along with the fashionable locals but be unique when it really matters. That implies picking the ideal combination of high fashion, trendy, and effortless pieces.

Here are some of the best New York outfits that will make others think you have lived in NYC forever.

  • Pick statement pieces

One of the best parts about keeping clothes basic is enlivening up basic pieces along with bold accessories. Did you know that New Yorkers take their time to pick the bag, shoes, and jewelry that matches their destination or mood during the day?

We recommend switching out your diamond studs for a bold pair of earrings and exchange in your regular bag for a funky statement piece. Where else but NYC can you wear a bright orange purse together with gold snake dangling from it?

  • Black is your best friend

Not just is black is your best friend, but it is also your backup option in times of doubt! You may not know it yet, but black is considered in New York as the most versatile color when we talk about fashion. Therefore, ensure you have enough black pieces in your bag ready to go!

You can try combining a top with patent leather shoes and get a velvety purse to add more dimension to your overall look.

  • Brighten up your outfit

Adding some color to your outfit is an excellent way to make both you and your style unforgettable. That’s why New Yorkers often wear such colorful and bright pieces. Utilize this simple style hack to your advantage by following the trend. Do not be afraid to incorporate bright colors into your style.

  • Stick with your sunglasses

A lot of New Yorkers are hardly even noticed without their sunglasses, and for a good reason! Keep in mind that a versatile pair of spectacles like BE4293 full-rim frames by Burberry can be worn in any weather, any season, on any day.

Do not let any of those things stop you from sticking with the same pair of sunglasses all year round.

  • Be stylish, but stay practical

You may have imagined yourself walking down the sidewalks in stilettoes like the ones you see in fashion magazines. However, that is not a practical movie. In the real world, you will be moving at a brisk pace to keep up with the pedestrian flow who were smart enough to wear their walking shoes.

Bring a pair of brogues for the times you spend outside and pick your outfit with the same thought in mind. Consider loose-fitting sweaters, scarves, and hooded jackets.

Further, your makeup must be practical as well and ready for anything. It will help if you go for a CC cream that moisturizes skin tone and safeguards you from the sun’s rays.

Whether you are in Brooklyn, SoHo, or Midtown, your New York outfit will scream that you live there.