A top 3 of best fabrics to wear this winter

As an HBO favorite would say: Winter is coming.

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And even if you are a winter person or not, you still might want to be prepared with the right pieces of clothing. But how do you make sure you invest in what are the most convenient, sustainable and warm clothes and accessories? Well, you want their fabric to be a high quality one, with heat preserving properties and, if possible, also moisture resistant. There are some great types of fabric that, on their own or in combination, guarantee to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.

We created this guide of the top 3 best fabrics to wear this winter in order to give you an overview of what are the finest options and what aspects you might want to know before purchasing them.

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The perfect outer layer, leather will protect you from wind, rain, snow – it is, overall, a great shield. Leather pieces are always a good investment, as they last very long over time and we haven’t yet witnessed a fashion age in which leather is not considered stylish. However, leather needs special attention and care and you will need to seek specialized help in cleaning it. That doesn’t make it inconvenient, it is just an aspect you might want to consider before investing in leather pieces. In order to achieve the level of warmth and comfort desired, you can layer leather with various other fabrics and textures. A good combination that will keep you warm for long is Irish wool and leather – layer a wool piece on the inside for warmth and leather on the outside for protection.


Whilst performing our research, we mostly covered Irish clothing, as the Irish are very popular for their skills of conquering the unforgiving winters in between the Irish sea and the Celtic sea. So – let’s see what their tricks are!

Knitwear is a traditional art of Ireland and since its emergence in the earlier stages of history, wool has been the main fabric used in any piece of knitwear. Of course, technology and the manufacturing process evolved over time and now wool is not only warm, but also very soft, lacking its previous itchiness. It has a pleasant texture to touch and it is also breathable, allowing air to go through for all-day comfort. Wool pieces can be worn directly on your skin or with layers underneath for when you need some extra warmth. Over the last few years, Irish and Celtic-inspired wool pieces such as the iconic Aran sweater or the Celtic scarf became increasingly popular for their elegance and durability. These pieces of clothing or accessories made of natural wool are guaranteed to become your best friends during the cold season. Either sweaters, vests, dresses, cardigans, caps, scarves, or mittens – wool is the perfect choice to go with. At Gaelsong, you will be able to find a wide variety of wool Celtic clothing made in an authentic Irish style.


Cotton might be one of the most universal fabrics out there. It is very versatile and can be included in both your summer and winter outfits, being a great long-term investment. It is very soft, has a delicate texture to touch, which means it can be directly worn on skin. However, if you need some extra warmth or protection from wind and water, you might need to step up with a few layers. The fabric is breathable and light, which makes it very comfortable to wear on both relaxed or more active days. In order to keep it in its best condition, we recommend washing cotton pieces in cold water, which means 30 degrees Celsius and below. You can easily machine wash them, but make sure you give them a good stretch before allowing them to air dry.