5 iconic hats that you need in your wardrobe

Throughout history, hats didn’t only serve a practical purpose (to protect the wearer from sun, from rain, or cold), they were also used as status symbols and even revolutionary emblems. Besides, hats were and are still important fashion accessories. For these reasons, hats have a special status among accessories. Some hats stood the test of time and gained iconic status, which makes them valuable possessions.

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The fedora hat

One of these iconic hats is the fedora hat. Its history starts in the late 19th century and the name comes from the title of a play. This hat was adopted as a symbol by the women’s rights movement. In the 20th century, it became a fashionable accessory for men, largely due to the fact that Edward, Prince of Wales, started wearing it. Throughout its history, it was worn by dandies, gangsters, and hipsters. Although it is a polarising accessory, it is still popular to this day.

The Irish flat cap

This iconic hat can be traced back to 14th century England when the English Parliament decreed that every man over the age of 6, except for nobility, had to wear woolen caps or pay a fine. This was meant to increase wool consumption. Even after the Act was repealed, people still continued to wear it. In fact, it became the headwear of choice for the working class. That changed in the 1920s century when fashionable young men started wearing it. In the late 20th century and in the 21st century, a lot of celebrities were spotted wearing flat caps. Their popularity also increased thanks to the BBC drama Peaky Blinders. The appeal of this accessory lies in the fact that it is a classic, but it also gives a very rugged and laid-back kind of vibe. If this style speaks to you, you should consider getting a flat cap. Check Keilys for Irish caps and choose the flat cap that suits you.

Pork pie hat

The pork pie is a classic accessory that you often see in fashion magazines or on runway models. This is a style of hat that has been popular with both men and women since the mid 19th century. In the mid 20th century, its popularity surged thanks to the numerous celebrities that wore it on and off screen. Its appeal lies in the fact that it is associated with style and class and this has not changed since the hat first became popular.

Cloche hat

The cloche is one of the most iconic hats of the 1920s era. It was popularized by the French designer Caroline Reboux. Its popularity seemed to fade by the 1930s only to come back stronger in the 1960s and then the late 1980s when newer models of the cloche were invented. The cloche appeared in fashion collections in the 21st century as well, so it seems like it is one of those classic accessories that will always be around.

Floppy hats

The floppy hat is headwear that you would associate with summer and with the vintage Hollywood aesthetic. It can be made from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles and this is what makes this hat so versatile. It can go really well with a skirt or a dress, but it can also go perfectly with a shirt and a pair of wide-leg pants, for example. It’s an accessory that stands out and makes one feel like a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi.