Vinland Saga season 2

As it had to happen and long-anticipated, the Vinland Saga anime came to an end. That was on December 29, and it ended in the most resounding way possible.

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Although it is certain that some expected such an outcome, they did not imagine that it would be something so fast and in the most spectacular way. However, talking about it necessarily implies saying some spoilers.

SPOILERS NOTICEVinland Saga season 2

Unable to endure King Sweyn’s indirect and insidious conspiracies, Askeladd beheaded him in front of everyone. Not only that, but he made a real bloodbath will not ask anything from the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones.

But his way of behaving was only a charade, as he gave Prince Canute the perfect pretext to kill him and inherit the throne. Fatally wounded, he falls to the ground, and it doesn’t take long for Thorfinn to arrive.

If you saw the anime you know of the oath that the protagonist of Vinland Saga made, about killing Askeladd and avenging the death of his father, Thors. But now, the revenge on which he has waged part of his life no longer has any use.

The one he swore to kill dies before his eyes in one of the most emotional moments of the series. It is after that that a series of images follow one another, and which you can see in the trailer that accompanies this note.


Is it an ad for the Vinland Saga season 2? Unfortunately, it is not. According to those who have read Makoto Yukimura’s manga, on which the Wit Studio anime is based, are animated scenes from it.

These are events that will happen in the future of Thorfinn, and the work of this author still continues. Although he is about to enter his final arc, he still has a few years left to complete it.

Why was the next season not confirmed at once? Currently, Wit Studio is working on at least two original productions. It is not known if he will participate in the Attack on Titan anime again, but that possibility always exists.

So it only remains to keep an eye on the events, but at the moment any sequel to Vinland Saga is something that is not decided, or if it is, it will not be revealed soon.