Sylvester Stallone Movies: An Examine of His Iconic Career

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor, director, and screenwriter renowned for his iconic roles in films like Rocky and Rambo. As one of the world’s most recognizable actors, Stallone has earned himself a place of honor in Hollywood. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Stallone’s movies as well as some of his greatest performances and accomplishments.

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Early Career

Sylvester Stallone was born in 1946 in New York City and began his acting career in the 1970s. His early roles were usually small roles such as Bananas or The Lords of Flatbush; however, Stallone’s breakthrough came in 1976 when he wrote and starred in Rocky.


Rocky tells the tale of a down-on-his-luck boxer who gets an opportunity to compete for the world heavyweight title. Stallone’s performance as Rocky Balboa earned him critical acclaim and helped the film win three Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. Rocky propelled Stallone into stardom and cemented him as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors.


Stallone is best known for his role as John Rambo in the Rambo film series. Rambo, a former Green Beret and Vietnam War veteran, struggles with demons from his past experiences. When First Blood premiered in 1982, it quickly became a box office hit; three sequels followed, each one becoming another commercial success for Stallone.

Other Notable Films

In addition to his roles in Rocky and Rambo, Stallone has appeared in a number of other notable films throughout his career. These include:

Stallone’s performances in these films have cemented his status as one of the most renowned and successful actors of his era, having earned him roles in such films as Cobra (1986), Tango & Cash (1989), Cliffhanger (1993) and Demolition Man (1993) along with The Expendables (2010). These roles continue to showcase Stallone’s versatility as an actor that audiences across generations recognize and respect.

Directing and Writing

Stallone has extensive experience as both director and writer. His first film was Paradise Alley in 1978, followed by Staying Alive and The Expendables. Furthermore, Stallone wrote several screenplays such as Rocky and Rambo’s scripts. Keep reading, Chris Evans net worth, filmography, and biography


Sylvester Stallone is one of the greatest actors of our time. From early roles in films like Rocky and Rambo to his more recent performances in The Expendables, Stallone has proven that he’s an incredibly versatile and talented performer. His contributions to entertainment have earned him critical acclaim as well as a dedicated following around the world.