How to Run a Delegate-Focused event

It’s crucial to consider the comfort and engagement level of your delegates when planning an event such as a conference. Your event should be memorable, stand out and encourage attendees to come back again. Here are a few ways to make sure your attendees get the most out of their event:

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Comfort and Well-being

It is important to consider the physical requirements of your event as well as the content. Make sure the venue is accessible, comfortable and has all amenities. You should choose a venue that has plenty of windows and natural light to avoid a room getting too hot or stuffy. Choose a venue that has rest facilities. For Corporate Event Management, visit

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It’s great to provide healthy snacks, such as cereal bars, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. This is a good idea for those who are trying to live a healthier life. Check for special dietary needs and offer plenty of vegetarian choices. Even those who are not vegetarians may prefer a lighter lunch. Along with the usual teas and coffees, offer herbal teas, juices and water.

The importance of a break

Make sure that your delegates know they can take advantage of the facilities and leave the building during breaks. Even if you are just sitting there and taking in all the information, conferences can be exhausting. Avoid having your delegates access emails, make calls, or do anything else that could distract them and raise their stress level.

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Organise yourself

When you are organised, you feel more efficient. Delegates will feel the exact same way when you keep them on track. Keep them engaged, on track and focused by keeping to the theme and schedule. Give out plenty of paper, pens, and a folder for everything. An agenda can be very helpful for delegates so they know what is happening and where to go.