How to make glass in Minecraft

Glass or crystal is a material that allows us to develop new objects in Minecraft, while it can be used to make windows for our constructions. Through the glass, we can also create glass panels, which only have an aesthetic function and better simulate the glass of a window than a glass block.

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Glass is obtained by burning or melting sand, so to obtain glass the first thing we have to do is collect sand from the beaches, make a furnace, put charcoal in the furnace and wait for it to melt, to be able to get the glass or crystal.

Recipe for making (crafting) glass or crystalHow to make glass in Minecraft

After carrying out the process that we see in the image above, we will have already obtained the glass. Now we can use it to develop other objects or use them as windows in our house.

If what we want is to decorate our home or building, we may be interested in making glass or glass panels, since they are more aesthetic and recreate the glass of a window better than blocks. Let’s see how we can get them.

Recipe for making (crafting) glass or crystal panels

Once we have obtained glass blocks, we just have to place the blocks as we see in the image above to get the glass panels.

Now that we have obtained the panels, we can also use the 16 types of dyes in Minecraft, to color or tint the glass panels the color that we like the most. To do this, you just have to tint glass blocks following the process we see in the following image.

Recipe for staining glass blocksHow to make glass in Minecraft

Once we have several blocks of glass tinted the color we want, we just have to do the manufacturing process (crafting) of the glass panels that we have seen previously (third image of this article) and we will obtain glass panels tinted the color that we have. chosen one.