Haikyuu season 4 release date

As many will know, the Haikyuu season 4!! titled Haikyu !! To the Top has already started and is also visible in Italy thanks to the website of the Paramount Network that broadcasts it simultaneously with Japan. The story is preparing for the end of the first part and, even before the break, the first advances of the second part are already coming, which is scheduled to start in June. The news of the moment refers to the arrival of three new voice actors and, consequently, three characters who will join in the second part.

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Warning, the rest of the text may contain spoilers. Haikyu! Three new characters arrive in the second part of the fourth season This is the image of the protagonist of the series.

The news comes directly from the official Twitter account of the series and is about the announcement of three new voice actors who will play the role of three previously unpublished characters.

According to official sources, therefore, Hideaki Kabumoto will give Osamu Miya the voice. Kenji Nojima will play Shinsuke Kita and Nobunaga Shimazaki will be Rintaro Suna. News that heralds well within the plot that already with the first part has managed to excite the fans, involving them as always thanks to the never-predictable pace of training and matches and showing an incredible growth of the characters, both personally and in-game.

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Haikyuu !! Where to watch season 4Haikyuu season 4 release date

As many will know, watching the Haikyu series inside until recently seemed impossible. The four stations are in fact fragmented between different channels. Fortunately, with the arrival of the fourth season, things have changed. And although it jumps from one platform to another, full viewing is finally possible.

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The first and second seasons are visible on Netflix which, for non-subscribers. Offers the possibility of enjoying a month of a free trial. The third season is instead in heaven. The fourth, as already mentioned, is freely available on the Paramount Network, which is broadcasting the episodes simultaneously with Japan. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to watch this famous series will be able to make up for it. Hoping that the fourth season will be completed in June.