Will there be a Better than us season 2 of the series?

From August 16, 2019, the Netflix catalog welcomes Better than us, a Russian TV series in 16 science fiction episodes, whose original title is Luchshe, chem lyudi (Better than us), and it is also the first series from this nation to land on the red N platform under as an original Netflix product.

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The show was created by Andrey Junkovsky, produced by Yellow, Black, and White in collaboration with Sputnik Vostok Production, and aired on the Russian state channel C1R. But here we must immediately make a clarification: Better than us is already composed of two seasons. Since the 16 episodes that are on Netflix grouped together, were originally divided into two seasons of 8 episodes each. Lets discover Australian open odds.

Netflix bought the rights to the show, reunited the episodes. And distributed the series with a single season under the title of Better Than Us.

Better than us season 2Better than us season 2

The question related to the second season of Best of us is therefore rather complicated. For Russian users, in fact, season number 2 exists but has not yet been distributed. While in Italy and in other countries that have Netflix. It does not exist but we have already seen all the episodes.

This, therefore, excludes the possibility of new episodes and therefore, with us, Better than us – the second season? Absolutely not.

We know well by now how Netflix works and having bought the rights to the show we are sure they have something in store.

Indeed, according to The Vore,  Better than us 2, or to put it more understandably, the episodes following the sixteen that we have already seen, could even arrive in the coming months. Obviously there is no official status on the matter. So we just have to wait for further developments and any announcements. Meanwhile, on Netflix, Better than us is doing pretty well in terms of share.