Tools used for unblocking drains

To overcome the most serious drainage problems, professional drainage engineers’ skills are very important – as much as the specialist tools and equipment they use to eliminate clogging.

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Here is an overview of the most frequently used tools:

Drain Snake hand-operated

Drain snakes are often used by professionals to clear pipe blockages and are quite small (1 to 2 inches). This device consists of a coiled cable in a plastic drum which can be fed into the sewer. To remove the blockage, the handle can be manually rotated to create torque on the line. Get help with Blocked Drains Bromley at a site like

Electric drain snake

An electric snake is similar to the manual version, but the rotating drum uses electricity. Lines of up to 110mm can usually be cleaned using cables of various thicknesses. These devices can be hand-held or stationary depending on the type of work.

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Water Jet Machine

Jets offer targeted, chemical-free cleaning by feeding the flexible hose through the pipe and jet blasting the inside. It is ideal to restore full flow to the drainage system to remove oil and other debris from the pipe wall.

Sectional Cleaners

When there is a need for unblocking a large drain, a sectional machine provides a good solution. The machine is equipped with 250mm long lines and the motor can provide enough strength to crack through the most difficult of blockages.

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The most common and simple tool is a toilet or sink plunger. Various designs are available, and they are mostly used for small blockages. For heavy duty solutions, professional power pumps can remove blockages by forcing air into the drain using a pump-action handle.