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Different Mattress Types Explained

Can’t get a good night’s sleep? Think it might be time to replace that old mattress? Shopping for a mattress can seem like a bit of a minefield with so many different varieties to choose from. Here is a brief guide to the different types you’ll come across:

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This mattress type uses a steel coil support. However, there are various different types of coil systems available. A mattress can have different spring shapes, different designs and a different number of springs inside. Some mattresses have coils which are connected to a single unit and others have individually wrapped coils. The springs cannot be felt as they are covered with padding for comfort. The padding could be made from foam, fibre or fabric depending on your preference. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the number of coils, the more support a mattress will offer.


This type of mattress combines a coil support system as described above, along with another material, such as foam, latex, gel or polyurethane.


These have an extra layer of upholstery added to the top of the mattress for ultimate comfort, as if pillows had been sewn onto the top of it. They can be produced using a variety of materials including foam and fibre.

Memory foam

This type of mattress is highly popular and made using a dense polyurethane foam which moulds and contours to the shape of the body for maximum support and comfort.


A gel mattress features foam that contains gel in order to provide support. The benefit of injecting gel into the foam is that it offers great comfort, a luxury feel, and has cooling properties.


These mattresses use latex foam as the primary support system. The latex you choose can come from plant or petroleum-based materials.


Whilst most of us would think of these as primarily for guests or camping, an air mattress is different in that it has an adjustable air chamber that is covered with upholstery or padding with added fibre or foam. This offers all the benefits of an airbed without the constant deflating and inflating. The firmness is fully adjustable and with a double bed, each side of the mattress can be individually tailored to suit whilst looking like a conventional bed.


A water mattress is available in a soft or hard variety. A soft waterbed features a water chamber inside a rigid foam frame inside a material outer case. A hard waterbed features a water chamber inside a wooden rectangular frame. The chamber is covered with foam or upholstery padding to leave it looking like a conventional bed. The chamber can be free-flowing or wave-free, meaning fibres restrict the motion of the water.

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