Winter Snow – Fun for us But Bad for your Roof

Heavy snow is something that many of us wish for in the winter months. Playing in the snow and enjoying the picturesque, winter wonderland are winter activities that lots of us look forward to. However, although we have a great time in the snow, it is important to be aware of the problems that it can cause for our home, and in particular the roof of the home.

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Snow looks beautiful when it is freshly fallen on the roofs of houses, but underneath, it could be doing all sorts of damage. Snow puts a lot of pressure on a roof, and if the roof has previous damage, it can cause a lot of problems. It is wise to get an expert like these roofers Bristol to have a look at the roof if you are concerned that it is at risk in the winter.

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Flat roofs are in particular danger of pressures that the snow can put on it. The weight of the snow on a flat roof can cause real damage, so if you have a flat roof, it is particularly important to take care of it in the winter. This is because once the snow melts, pooling water can form on your roof leading to damp and also leaking.

Even if you do not have a flat roof, the weight of the snow and ice can cause problems, as well as the fact that it can expand underneath tiles and cause them to come loose and even fall off, leaving the roof vulnerable.