How to Execute a Quick and Profitable House Sale

At some point in your life, you will have fixed on a dream property where you want to reside at in the future. This may at home or abroad, but the most important consideration is that it meets your expectations in terms of interior design and functionality.

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As you get older, however, practical concerns may come to undermine your dream home expectations. Factors such as cost and availability are particularly problematic, while it can be hard to find a physical embodiment of the property you initially envisioned.

Another complication is provided by the presence of a chain. In my own circumstances, I was forced to sell my home quickly in order to make an offer on my dream residence in the country. If I had been unable to achieve this, the property would have gone off the market and I would have been forced to make alternative arrangements. Here are some tips to help you sell quickly while maximising resale value:

Create Concise Financial Goals

One of the most important things to determine is clear financial goals. This means that while there may be a pressing need to move quickly, you cannot compromise on the value in your home. If you do, you may not have the financial means to buy your new home or take the desired step along the property ladder. If you have a budget in mind, stick to this and remain patient when driving a sale.

Market your Property Aggressively

In order to sell your home quickly and for as much as possible, you will need to market it aggressively. This not only enables you to reach a wider audience, but it also means that you have a far greater chance of engaging potential buyers nationwide. Video marketing is an excellent way of achieving this, as it enables you to host virtual tours of your property and capture its unique attributes in all of their glory.

Keep Open lines of Communication within the Chain

On a final note, one of the most important things to remember is the role of honest and open communication within the chain. You cannot complete a speedy or seamless sale without honest communication with buyers, while ongoing legal and conveyancing issues can also drive higher costs and reduce future profit. To avoid this, remain in constant contact with other members of the property chain while also speaking regularly to solicitors and legal representatives.