4 Tips You Must Read Before Refinishing Your Home Basement

Homes appreciate far faster when property owners are diligent in their efforts to take on the right improvement projects. Refinishing your basement can add a tremendous amount of value to your home and is, therefore, one of the best forms of sweat equity that you can engage in. These efforts will increase the amount of usable space that residents have at their disposal and will make it far easier for you to offload your property at a respectable price, should you ever decide to put it on the market. Unfortunately, this task isn’t guaranteed to be problem-free. Without the right planning, things can quickly go awry. The following are four tips you must read before refinishing your basement.

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Find Out Whether Your Plumbing Runs Underground Or Above GroundHome Basement

If you plan on adding a bathroom to your basement or even a basic water feature such as a basin or sink, you have to find out whether your plumbing runs underground or above ground. With underground plumbing, installing a toilet, shower, and sink will be as easy as locating the plumbing and situating your new bathroom near it. If you have an above-ground system, however, you’ll need a grinder, a pump, and a much more expansive remodeling budget.

Concealing Ducts, Pipes, And Wires

One of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to conceal unattractive basement features like ducts, pipes, and wires is by dropping the ceiling. Installing a false ceiling will keep all of these things neatly and safely tucked away so that you can create the perfect environment on the lowest floor of your property. This is best accomplished by consolidating all of these visual obstructions in a single area of the basement and then dropping the ceiling in just one, confined space. Doing so will keep the basement open and preserve its wide, spacious appeal. If taking this approach, make sure to set aside an area for accessing junction boxes, meters, and shut-offs.

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Waterproof Your BasementHome Basement

In low lying areas of the home, flooding can and often does occur. Have a plan in place for mitigating the resulting damages. For instance, start by choosing waterproof flooring and installing a central drain. Your basement drain should connect to your storm drain or a pit that’s been fitted with an appropriate sump pump.

Tackle This Project In Small, Manageable Phases

Refinished basements can serve as workout rooms, fully functional living spaces, recreation rooms, and more. They can be as decorative and feature-filled as homeowners want them to be. Don’t get overwhelmed by the magnitude of this project by attempting to tackle it all at once. This can be an ongoing affair and a true labor of love. Even with a modest budget, you can break this project into manageable increments so that you can continue adding onto space as time and money allow.