How to decorate with pictures in summer

Choosing a painting can transform a room thanks to the visual effect produced in the space by this work that has become the focus of attention. The interior of the house undergoes different changes throughout the year, prioritizing the needs of each season. It is frequent to promote the renewal of textiles in summer, for example. And why not reinforce the summer theme decorate with pictures …

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Blue squares

What sensations does summer summon up in you? What color identifies this station with the strength of its visual expression? Blue is one of the quintessential shades and this inspiration has its influence on fashion and summer decoration. A blue that describes the beauty of longer days and sunsets at the seashore.

Therefore, to renew the decoration of the house during the summer through the choice of a new painting, you can give prominence to a work that uses this blue background to create beauty.

Frames on white background

Many art galleries display their works on white walls that present the legacy of different artists. On this type of background, each canvas becomes the true protagonist of the space.

Therefore, when choosing pictures to decorate your home during the summer, you can also contextualize the choice made in the environment in which the work will be located. What color is the wall on which the canvas will be located? Both elements can maintain a relationship of harmony.

Pictures of cities

Summer sometimes leads to the adventure of new trips in which to discover destinations never visited before. In addition to the images of nature, the urban landscape of the cities also redecorates the interior of the house with the panoramic view of its most emblematic buildings or some of its own characteristics.

Don’t hang the pictures on the wall

When the idea of hanging the paintings is inconvenient for the protagonist who prefers to discard this option, it is convenient to promote other practical trends that are equally aesthetic and original.

The paintings shine in the decoration of the house showing their leading role from different perspectives, for example, a special work located in a main place on the floor of the living room or, also, directly resting on the surface of a low cabinet.

Not hanging the pictures on the wall simplifies this process of decorating with works of art.

Mindfulness pictures and pictures

There is a continuous relationship between decoration and lifestyle. Well, mindfulness is a philosophy that not only brings happiness, but also has its reflection in art. This type of meditation favors the learning of mindfulness, which, due to its own characteristics, leads to a conscious connection with what happens in the form of now.

To fuel mindfulness, you can also exercise the habit of leisurely observation. For this reason, the plates and pictures that reinforce this experience occupy a prominent place in the home of those who practice mindfulness.

Summer-themed paintings

Summer can not only accompany you from the present in those plans that you enjoy during this season, but also through decoration stimuli that reflect an image of summer essence that adds color to the decoration of your living room at this time of year.

How to decorate with pictures during the summer? You can also promote simple transformations by changing the position of some of the works that decorate the walls of your house. Paintings that, from the new perspective, will show a different image in their connection with the context.