DIY wall clock to embellish a wall with a touch of creativity

In a watch, the movement-dial combination is not inseparable … or, better to say, the quartz mechanism cannot be done without, but nothing prevents us from eliminating the dial. So let’s try to make a DIY wall clock whose dial does not exist: the background is the wall itself!

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The construction begins by dividing a wooden cover into twelve sectors following the indications given in the drawing, then proceeding to assemble the hands, numbers and mechanism.

What it takes to make a DIY wall clock?

  • Mechanism for quartz watches with hands and assembly key
  • Balls and wooden numbers
  • 12 wooden sticks
  • Black and silver spray enamel
  • Lid wooden box
  • Compasses, pencil sharpeners
  • Glue gun and glue stick

DIY wall clock – How to create 12 sectors

Pointing the compass along the circumference of the cover with the openings indicated in the drawing, we trace the positions of the hours on the circumference.

Build a DIY wall clock

DIY wall clock

1) We work the 12 sticks (or sticks), about 30 cm long, making the ends pointed with a pencil sharpener. In this way, we will be able to better fit the wooden beads.

2) With hot glue we glue the rods to the lid (in the points previously identified with the compass) making sure that their ends are equidistant from the center.

3) We protect the worktop with a sheet of paper and evenly spray the spray paint silver on the constructed object. For a better finish, spread two coats.

4) We use four wooden numbers (3, 6, 9, 12), to be fixed as a reference to the end of the relative rods (these obviously do not have beads). We treat the wooden numbers with black enamel.

5) Using hot glue, applied with the thermo gun, we fix the numbers to the ends of the respective rods. Let the glue harden well before moving the watch and fixing the mechanism.

6) We glue a cardboard disc painted with silver color to the lid of the box; insert the mechanism in the back of the lid by making a hole in the center. Finally, we fix the hands.

The right maintenance of the wall clock

If the wall clock has suddenly stopped and needs maintenance, a few drops of WD40 multifunction lubricant will be enough to provide help during the repair.

DIY wall clock mechanism

The mechanism kit (also called “movement”) is composed of …

  • Hour and minute hands to be mounted on the quartz movement shaft;
  • Battery operated quartz movement;
  • Washer that connects the movement to the dial;
  • Threaded ring that screws to the central shaft of the movement, locking it to the dial;
  • Special key to screw the ring nut.