Providing farmers with a comprehensive Health and Safety File as required by the HSE.

The Health and Safety Executive or HSE requires Farmers to have a comprehensive Health and Safety File that encompasses the Farms individual Risk Assessment, an up-to-date accident Action Plan, a proper policy, colour coded maps and site plans, staff induction and training records and any Permits required to work on high-risk activities. All these complex details can be completed by an elite and professional company that deals specifically with Farm Health and Safety.

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This particular type of thorough and comprehensive Health and Safety File can’t be completed in one visit so expect any professional company that you employ to carry out the compilation of these complicated documents for you to complete at least four on-site visits every year to keep your records up to date.  They should provide you with an all year round support system as well as complete H & S training for you and all your farm workers. They should also help you apply for and obtain any necessary permits required to use any potentially dangerous farming machinery.

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Farmers can’t be seen to be negligent, or incompetent and Farming Health and Safety is now a top priority with the strict following and compliance of all the rules and regulations being a legal requirement. If an accident were to happen, then proof would be required by the HSE that all legislation was followed and that all workers were given complete training and instruction on any dangerous machinery.