Being Healthy and Safe in the Winter

The weather in the winter months can be unpredictable and also cause a lot of damage. We remember only earlier this year when high winds and winter storms swept in causing damage to property all over the UK, but something else that winter weather can be problematic for is health.

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In the winter it is particularly important to focus on your health and make sure that you do all the things that you can to be healthy – here are some of the risks to health that winter weather can bring with it…

Being too Cold – The cold is a particular risk to elderly people and very young children and babies. Make sure that you have a thermometer in your home to make sure that the temperature is ok, as this can then prevent you from contracting hypothermia which can be deadly.

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Falling and Slipping – The ground is much more dangerous in the winter, thanks to the rain, ice and the wet leaves that fall in the autumn. In the home many people use bathing aids like this to reduce their slipping risk in the bathroom, so do the same when out and about with walking aids to help you stay on your feet.

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Winter Bugs – As the cold arrives so do the many bugs that do the rounds. Make sure that you have had your flu vaccine as this winter looks as if it could be a big year for the flu, and also make sure that you have a healthy diet to keep the immune system working well.