How to Organise a Wedding Guest List

Creating a wedding guest list is an important part of the planning process. This is more complicated than simply writing a list of everyone you would like to celebrate with as you need to work out where to seat everyone so they are happy and comfortable. Nevertheless, you should take the time to decide who you’d like to include, and then decide on a way to communicate this to your guests.

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When it comes to making your wedding guest list, start with your closest family, friends and then co-workers. Think about those you see regularly and who have played a significant role in your life. Similarly, think about your closest friends and neighbours. You should invite your closest family members and friends, as well as those who have been a part of your life for a long time. You can make this list as long as you like, but you may want to include a few special people to avoid letting a long-time friend or colleague out of the party. Find a venue that fits the number you wish to invite. For more information about a Barn Wedding Venue Kent, go to The Plough at Leigh Barn Wedding

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Once you have your A-list, make backup lists so you can invite people you didn’t have space for if others cannot attend. The B-list should include relatives and friends, and anyone you love to invite but might not have space for. The C-list should be made up of people you’d like to include, but have to keep a tight lid on it. It’s best to keep this list private and avoid inviting people you don’t know.