6 Best Countries To Start A Family

Moving anywhere, and particularly abroad, can be exciting and terrifying for children. They are leaving familiar surroundings, friends, schools, neighborhoods…but the amazing exposure to new cultures and experiences means children benefit from moving internationally. Moreover, children living abroad and learning new languages often develop skills that make them far more adaptable and uniquely qualified for leadership roles.

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Here are the top six countries to raise a family based on quality of education, social benefits, safety, nature, social tolerance, health services, childcare services, and quality of life, courtesy of https://www.reelsofjoy.org/en.


Not only is Iceland known as one of the best places in the world to be a mum, it’s also the world’s best place for working parents, thanks to the flexibility and benefits both parents enjoy when it comes to raising kids. Icelandic parents enjoy more time with their newborns. Close to 90% of fathers take their mandatory 3 months’ paternity leave, and research shows that Icelandic dads continue to be involved in their kid’s childhood. Whether they are at work or university, mothers and babies are welcome everywhere – even in parliamentary sessions. The reason for this is pragmatic: babies need to stay close to their mums during this crucial stage of development.


The Scandinavian country is known for its excellent track record in terms of child care, safety standards, and enabling infrastructure, that’s why it is on our list of best places for relocating with kids. Citizens with per capita GDP of over $52,000 are more than happy to pay higher taxes as they are getting the best atmosphere for the upbringing of children. Safety, care about human rights, environment for gender equality and a well-developed public education system are among the factors that brought Denmark to one of the best countries to raise a family list.


The country of 10 million Swedish scores perfect on human rights and the environment. With an almost equivalent per capita GDP of US$53,000, the country has one of the highest child security standards with the best in class health and education infrastructure – relocating with kids should be a great idea! Sweden is considered a great place to raise kids. Institutions like Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency), make it possible for parents to spend more time with their children. Children from the age of three receive 525 hours a year free of charge.


Finland has been widely recognised as one of the safest country in the world. Considering the dangers of the world today such as war, crime, and terrorism – being safe and sound is something every family needs above all else when you are relocating with kids. Parents worry over their kids’ safety above everything else. Knowing you’re living in a country known for its safety helps turn this everyday worry into an afterthought. You be there and still play games from best united states casinos.


Norway is considered one of the most environmentally suitable countries for kids. The westernmost country in the Scandinavian Peninsula, with a population of over 5 million, is known for its highly advanced health and education infrastructure. With per capita income of over US$74,000, the Norwegian are providing a perfect ecosystem for the overall growth of kids in the happiest environment – great to know when you are relocating with kids.

The Netherlands

When it comes to health and welfare, the Netherlands is in another North European country, leading the raising of children ranking and everything related to relocating with kids. Known for family values and freedom, the country has the highest environmental rating along with highly protective child safety standards. With a population of 17 million, the country of windmills and ports has the world’s best health and education system. People with per capita GDP of over US$56,000 are spending big on child care.