The stages of a house move

What are the stages of a house move? To begin the process from end to end can take quite a while to achieve. If you are new to the process this might be a good idea to see what is actually involved. It can be a daunting task so you should know what the stages are.

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  1. A deposit. This is a saved amount of money that you contribute to the purchase of the property. You can’t borrow all of the money for what you want to buy. Lenders will usually go up to ninety per cent of the property’s value.
  2. An agreement in principle. This is where you go through an application for a mortgage. You’ll be asked for your income and outgoings. You then take this to the estate agent as proof you can borrow the money.

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  1. You find a property that you like and have the offer accepted on it.
  2. There is a valuation done on the property to see if it’s worth the selling price and there is nothing wrong with it (like rising damp for example).
  3. The legal work of the conveyancer begins. They make sure that everything is legal and correct with the property.
  4. The money is transferred from the Lender to the seller’s conveyancer. The house has been bought!
  5. Exchange the keys and move into the property. You’ll need to have the help of a Removal Companies Bristol based operation like to make sure it all goes smoothly.