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Launched in June 2016, originally a four-weekly publication, The New European which can also be found online at, has gone from strength to strength since its small beginnings and can now be purchased from your local newsagent every Thursday.  The journalist, author, activist and politician Alastair Campbell is the Editor in Chief of the publication and writes a regular column and a diary piece in the paper. His articles are factual, interesting, coherent, informative, sometimes controversial but always popular. His latest article entitled “The double standards at the heart of Tory Britain”, was a hard-hitting, no-nonsense piece about Gary Lineker and his stand on what he had said about the Government’s policy on migrants. 

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With Alastair standing up for Gary Lineker and agreeing that he shouldn’t back down on his Tweets, he was also targeted by members of the press, and when he was interviewed by the BBC, with his connections to Mr Lineker’s company and the Podcast that he produces being brought into question. Alastair’s Podcast can be downloaded through the website, Apple, or Spotify.

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A recent news report about the ethics of octopus farming has been headlining in lots of tabloids, with many articles bringing into focus the argument that rearing octopuses for food will cause them intense suffering.  This controversial topic has also been covered by the New European, with journalist Nigel Warburton, where he examines the ethics and philosophy behind the planned octopus farm.