What you should do if your handbag unfortunately gets stolen.

Unfortunately, there are some not very nice and unscrupulous people in this world that we live in. Most people however are decent, honest and kind, but there are always a few unsavoury characters who turn to crime to make money.  If you have ever been the victim of, what’s described as a petty crime, where you have had a bicycle, wallet, keys or handbag etc stolen you will already have experienced this awful situation personally. This type of crime may not seem like a major catastrophe to people who have not gone through this personal attack but when you have a wallet, jewellery or handbag stolen it can seem like the perpetrator has physically harmed you in person!

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Always report the crime to the police, make sure you can give them as much information as possible, exactly what was in your handbag, valuables such as car keys, how much money you had in your purse, if there were credit cards in it, your new mobile phone from a  Vodafone Store Near Me that you purchased recently from a store like kingcommunications.ie/vodafone-stores-near-me/.  The colour and design of your bag and if there were any personal effects in it, like an address book or diary.

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Report the theft of any credit or debit cards straight to your bank so that they can put a stop on anybody spending money on them. Let your mobile phone company know and block the number and phone from being used.