What Problems Does Moss Cause on Shingles?

What problems does moss cause on shingles? Moss is the result of poor ventilation and lack of sunlight. It can be removed manually by applying a chlorine bleach mixture and wearing rubber gloves. This method kills moss, but can damage the roof. It also releases granules, which are vital for maintaining the integrity of the roof. This solution can be applied to a variety of roofing materials, including shingles.

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Moss removal is not a DIY project if the coverage is great. Using a commercial cleaning solution can remove roof moss, however, it is important to use protective sheeting when applying it. The majority of cleaning chemicals can damage the roof or walls and may even kill plants. You must read the label of the product to make sure it is safe to use. Some cleaning solutions need to be mixed with water before being applied directly to the roof, while others can be used straight from the bottle. This is why contacting a professional is advised as they will ensure that the right product is used and follow instructions carefully. Another moss removal solution is bleach. You can mix bleach with water to remove small amounts of moss from a roof. For Roofing Materials Gloucester, visit The Roof Shop, a supplier of Roofing Materials Gloucester

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Moss is a problem for the roof. It can lead to structural damage and attract pests. Moreover, it can make your home unappealing and can be an attraction for rodents, insects and a moist environment that leads to mold damage. In addition to being unsightly, moss can also cause holes in roofing materials and can be extremely expensive to remove.