The importance of decent topsoil

As if the world did not have enough issues at the moment, the problem of topsoil quality should be added to the list. We need to have good topsoil to ensure that crops will grow and the yields from the crops will be excellent. Many countries in Africa have seen the effects of topsoil loss and the terrible spectre of famine, coupled with drought. If the land is deemed to be severely affected, it is time to call upon the services of the Soil Remediation Services company They can seek ways to improve the topsoil so that it can be used again.

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Topsoil is where all the nutrients are. It goes down a good 30 centimetres. This is where seeds will sit, feeding on the goodness in the soil. The roots may seek out the subsoil below, but the topsoil holds the right environment of heat, light, water and fuel that will encourage the seeds to come forth.

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In terms of food production, this is vital. However, intense arable farming sees the topsoil weaken over time. It needs space to regenerate and to renew itself. Sadly, in our age of superabundance and demand, fertilisers and pesticides are used to keep the topsoil in permanent use. We must find a way to rejuvenate our topsoil throughout the world and make sure it is there for generations that come after us.