What is a WAV vehicle?

When you are in a wheelchair, life is difficult enough at the best of times.  Getting around can be almost impossible if there isn’t adequate provision provided. Developments in improvements for disabled people have been at the forefront of many industries. One of the best ways to do this is to provide better transport coverage. Cars provide a great sense of independence. Therefore, if a way could be found to give disabled and wheelchair users the chance to drive, this would be a great move forward.

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Wheelchair adapted vehicles, or WAV Vehicles for short, are the way to either allow wheelchair users to enter cars either as a passenger or even the driver. The best thing about WAV vehicles is that rather than having to get out of the vehicle, which can be difficult, wheelchair users can reverse out of the rear of the car. Clarke Mobility is a company that supplies these vehicles.

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Most companies have produced WAV versions of their standard large models like the Citreon Picasso, Ford’s C-Max and the Vauxhall Meriva. In the past, WAV vehicles were made very different and distinctive, but not in a positive way. In fact, a stigma was placed on them and they were, at times, ridiculed. Now professional car makers recognised this and tried to make a brand of cars that looked, and felt like a regular road car. It’s a greatly appreciated fact by many disabled people and their families.