What happens when your mum or dad passes away.

The tragic fact is that one or both of our parents are likely to pass away at some point in our lives.  When they have been happily married for many years and this sad event takes place the remaining partner may well decide they want to move home to be closer to other living relatives.  If you are a son or daughter, they may well decide that the best place to move to is close to you.  Once their matrimonial home has been sold and a suitable property found close to you the big move can be planned. Once the offer on the new property has been accepted and the final contracts signed the hunt for a professional Removal Company Cheltenham can begin.  Just check on Google for a company like brightmoveservices.co.uk/ and let them handle all the packing and moving logistics.

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This way the move will be as stress free as possible and leave you plenty of time to share memories with your remaining parent and comfort them when they are sad and lonely.  You can plan to do lots of lovely things together, maybe think about a holiday so you can get away and relax while you all come to terms with your loss.

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Once the movers van has safely delivered their lifelong memories to the new home you can start to carefully unpack, maybe talk about each special piece that has a particular memory of the deceased partner. This is a long, slow, painful process but one that will eventually help you all to move on and remember the good times.