What did the Romans teach us?

In the film The Life of Brian, a rebellious Israelite asks what the Romans ever did for them. The others provide a long list of improvements, such as Public Health, medicine, the Aquaduct, Laws and finally, “brought peace” before they are told to shut up. In Britain, we felt the positive effects of Roman influence. Many of our tribal leaders soon realised it was much nicer to live in a Villa than a roundhouse. All this newfound wealth had to be paid and accounted for, which is why the Romans also brought mathematics and economics with them. But, as we do now, they needed a Bookkeepers Hereford based operation to ensure it was all being paid for and cost correctly.

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The Romans did so well because they learnt everything they could from the Greeks. The Greeks were the supreme power and authority in Europe, next to the Phoenicians and Egyptians of North Africa. However, the Romans are the people who take the ideas of the Greeks and put them into practical use or conquest. Ancient Greece was a mixture of several city-states, like Sparta and Athens, that would happily fight each other for supremacy.

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The Romans were one nation and one capital, and they soon expanded out and converted the Etruscans and other tribes of Italia under their wing. Being on a mission meant that soon the Kingdoms of Gaul, Germanic Tribes, the Britons, and Spanish and Middle Eastern countries would begin to fall to them as well.